Organizing Your Jewelry: 4 Ways To Get It Done

One organizing dilemma that a lot of people seem to ask me about is what to do with their jewelry.  So, here are four different ways to get your jewelry organized.  Don’t forget to declutter your jewelry before you start the organizing  process.  Donate all of your old costume jewelry that you never wear or just give it to a little girl who loves to place dress up!

1.  Always keep your jewelry out in the open where you can see it, and hanging your necklaces is a great way to keep them safe from getting tangled.  One way to accomplish this is to purchase these cute acrylic jewelry storage options from the Container Store.  Another option is to install a paper towel holder(s) on your wall and keep necklaces and/or bracelets on that.  If you purchase a vertical paper towel holder, you can also use that to stack bangles.

2.  This “little black dress” hangs in your closet and neatly displays your jewelry.  Not quite sure if this is my favorite way to organize or not, but it is a cute concept.  I do like all of the compartments that are available to hold different pairs of earrings.

3.  If you are a DIY gal, you may want to try this!  I LOVE the way that Jen organizes her jewelry, and she also has the best organizing blog called IHeart Organizing.  I wish I was crafty like the other females in my family and would take the time to organize my jewelry like this!  Click on the picture and she gives you the steps to create your own “jewelry station.”

4.  Last but not least, just slap a few cork tiles onto the wall in your closet (or the inside panel of a cabinet under your sink).  Get some cute push pins, and hang your necklaces that way…it takes 5 minutes!  You can buy the cork tiles in a 4-pack for a couple bucks in the home office section at Target.

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