Children’s Artwork: Get Rid of the Clutter

Every time my kids come home from school, they bring home all of this adorable artwork!  If you don’t come up with a system for keeping your children’s artwork organized, it will take over your kitchen counter!   I suggest displaying the artwork somewhere for a few weeks…your fridge or even do something super cute like my friend Brook Griffin at Little Fish has done in her daughter’s bedroom.  She just used some twine and clothes pins and set up an adorable way to display artwork.

Once you have displayed the artwork (and/or trashed some of it), you could just snap a picture of it and save it to Evernote (best place ever to save everything and start the path to going paperless).  Or, just save a picture of the art to a file on your computer.  I know most of the moms I know out there could never just trash everything (including me), so here are some other great options for storing and/or saving artwork:

1.  I love these art boxes from the Container Store.  I have them in both of my kid’s closets and keep their old artwork in them.  Label one for each year (or two), and keep their most precious pieces of artwork in there.  When they get full towards the end of the school year, maybe you will feel better about getting rid of a few pieces.    Be sure to get the Stockholm document box, not the letter size.  They come in tons of great colors and patterns (not just the colors shown here).

2.  These Lil’ Davinci frames are really cute to display kids artwork and you can easily change out the art each week (or month).

3.  Finally, you could pay someone like Jan Elini to make this awesome collage for you (I wish I could afford for her to come decorate my kids’ rooms and make collages)!  Oh well, I could always make something similar myself using Ikea frames…too bad that probably won’t happen until they are both in full time school (or college).  Check out this blog by Apartment Therapy, and she shows you how to DIY!

4 thoughts on “Children’s Artwork: Get Rid of the Clutter

  1. These are great ideas to display the artwork in your house as it comes home! We also have a solution for the long-term preservation of children’s artwork. We take your stacks of children’s artwork, digitize it all and create elegant coffee-table books. It solves the storage issue for the parents and the kids absolutely love flipping the pages of their “published” artwork. Not to mention, the beauty of children’s artwork in a coffee-table book adds a whole new level of decor to any home! Come visit if you’re interested:!

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