Busy Weekend

I hope everyone had a wonderful Memorial Day!  We had a very busy weekend working around the house, but we did manage to squeeze in a boat ride, dinner with friends, and a trip to the pool.  The big boy mattress came in for Reid’s bed, but too bad for us because it flew off the back of my husband’s car and got run over on the interstate!  We decided to make do with it because we were surely not going to buy a new mattress, and I guess  you can’t tell what happened once you get the mattress pad on it.  What luck we have…thought that story would make some people laugh! 🙂  I know it made my brother-in-law’s day to hear that story!

One easy project that I got done this weekend was an “art cart” for the kids.  While cleaning out the garage we found an extra plastic storage bin on wheels similar to this. I have been so sick of cleaning up all of the construction paper, coloring books, markers, etc…., so I put them all in this station.  It fits perfectly in our hall closet and now Annie just wheels it out when she wants to color (which is all the time) and then wheels it back when she is done.  I am loving it!

Sorry for the short post this week!  After the long weekend and the kiddos no longer in school, I am falling a bit behind!  Look for some office organization ideas next week!

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