Ducks in a Row Favorite Organizing Products

I thought I would write a post to share a few cool organizing products.  I guess my two favorite organizing tools are clear Sterilite Tubs and a label maker, but I figured people already knew that.  So, here are a few more favorites..they are kind of random, but here you go:

SeeJaneWork offers stylish organizing products and that are now also available at Office Depot.  I particularly love the Anna Griffin file folders and this business card holder.  Even though you can digitize all of your business card contacts with the CardMunch app (I know I have written about that before), I have found a lot of people still like to hold onto the card itself.

Business Card Box by SeeJaneWork

Anna Griffin file folders

Want your fridge to look stylish and organized?  I think these “coasters” are so cute for your fridge!  They were invented by a husband and wife team out of Charlotte, NC, and there are a ton of designs and colors you can choose.  They are made so that they will fit any fridge!

Love these Fridge Coasters for your fridge!

This toy trolley from the Container Store makes picking up toys fun for your kids.  They can roll it around the room and pick up their toys in a snap!

Calypso Toy Trolley

Scarf/Tie Organizer….what more needs to be said!  It spins around and is great for keeping your scarves or ties organized in your closet.

Tie/Scarf Spinner from

Next are the affordable and versatile Kassett series containers from Ikea.  I really wish we had an Ikea in Charleston…maybe one day!  These containers range from $3.99 to $9.99 and can be used anywhere from the kitchen to home office. While the magazine containers can be used to corral cooking magazines and cookbooks in the kitchen, they also can keep coloring books organized in a child’s bedroom. The storage boxes with lids can hold home office supplies or organize extra toiletries in the bathroom. Keep incoming bills and paperwork in clearly labeled manila folders that can be easily accessed from vertical storage boxes.

Kassett Series from Ikea

Going green can also help your commitment to staying organized. Recycle junk mail as soon as it comes in the house to keep paper clutter at bay. The Sortera Recycling Bins from Ikea are stackable, and these easy-to-clean bins also work well in playrooms or craft spaces.

Sortera Recycling Bin from Ikea

If you haven’t started using these storage bags from Ziploc yet, you have to try them!  I have them all over my house used mainly for toys, kid clothes, and bedding.  You can buy them in the grocery store or pretty much anywhere.  They are the biggest and strongest bags Ziploc has created, and they are great for organizing most anything!

XXL and XXXL Storage Bags from Ziploc

Shelf dividers are another favorite!  They are great for keeping sweaters and other clothing items from falling on top of each other in your closet.  They can also be used for other things like keeping purses in order in this picture.  You can get them most anywhere, but here are some great ones from my favorite store, The Container Store.

Shelf Divider from The Container Store

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