Back to School: Locker Organizing and Decor

Hard to believe it is back to school time!  My daughter started back to school yesterday, and my son started today and will join her at preschool on Tuesday and Thursday mornings…yipee!  Here is a photo of the kiddos right before school this morning.

I was inspired to write this post on locker organization and decor when I saw the locker chandelier from The Container Store!

Locker Chandelier from The Container Store

It is so over the top, but I bet I know quite a few teenage girls who would love it!  It magnetically sticks to the top of your locker, has a motion sensor to activate the lighting, and it is only $25.  I never even had a locker while growing up, but I sure wish I had now that I see all of these locker organization products on the market these days!  If anyone has a middle or high school student with their own locker, hopefully they can keep it clean and organized this school year with some of these cool products.  Sorry about the pic of my kids in the “gallery” of photos…can’t figure out how to get rid of it in that spot….obviously still learning WordPress!

3 thoughts on “Back to School: Locker Organizing and Decor

  1. Emily, I always look forward to reading your articles ! Very informative even for an oldie like me!!!! Never to old to learn some new tricks! Your children are precious and I hope to see you more when we move to Mt. Pleasant.

  2. Note to Glee Producers – Hang the pottery barn locker chandelier in Kurts locker 🙂
    Seriously, that chandelier speaks to me – love it- and the locker rug and lights – suh-weet!

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