Time to Consign: Charleston Repeats!

Charleston Repeats Consignment Sale

I have been hoarding all of Annie’s little girl clothes, and since she will be 5 in March, several years worth of kids clothes are starting to overtake my child’s precious closet space.  I am finally ready to let go of these clothes and make some money so that I can turn Reid’s room from a nursery into a BIG BOY ROOM.  Annie also has no space left in her two closets, and I want to have one closet for clothes and one for toys.

I feel like August is January 1st.  To me it is like a New Year…kids go back to school and I am determined to get everyone on a good schedule and get back on track from the lazy and crazy days of summer.  I think most moms I know feel this way too.  The fall is also the time to get organized before the crazy holidays.  I wanted to make sure all of my mom friends knew about Charleston Repeats.  It is a children’s consignment sale held twice a year for moms.  You can consign most anything that your kids use from toys to clothes (check out a list of items you can consign on their website).   If you haven’t been to the sale yet, you MUST attend!  The fall/winter consignment sale is September 12-15.  I usually go to the sale which is held twice a year, but this year I plan on shopping AND consigning.  If you want to consign, I would start working on it NOW.  The deadline for consignors is September 7th, but it fills up fast.  Check out the Charleston Repeats website to find out more details.  They are very specific as to how you consign your items.  You can only consign 15 items of each size for each gender for sizes premie to 2T which is killing me.  I have even saved some fall winter stuff that I know I can make some $$$ on at the next fall/winter sale.  They have an online tagging system where you print out your own barcodes online this year.  I have well over 100 items to consign as well as a plethora of baby gear I am finally ready to say goodbye to.  I am so excited to have room in my attic and kid’s closets!  This project is going to take a lot of time on my part, but I think it is going to be well worth the money in the end.

Last week I spent a good 8 hours going through the tubs of clothes.  As I went through tubs of clothes that I already had labeled according to size, I am making 4 piles.  One pile is for clothes that are going to Goodwill (dropped off a carload of clothes/toys there yesterday), the other pile is for my yardsale (come to Daniel Island September 29th for the island-wide Red Balloon Yard Sale…it is so awesome…I love a good yardsale…I have 8 tubs of girl clothes ready for $1 each).  The 3rd pile is for fall/winter items to consign at the upcoming Charleston Repeats sale (these are really the best clothes that are very gently worn and I know other moms would love to get a deal on), and the 4th pile is for spring/summer items that I plan to consign during their spring sale.   Can’t wait for the spring sale too because I think those are the cutest clothes I own (I have about 4 tubs of spring/summer clothes left to consign at the spring sale).  It does make me a little sad going through all of these tubs of tiny clothes and memories, so I did make a “special” tub of those really precious outfits that I simply can’t part with.   If you are a mom that needs to go through your kids clothes, you can do something similar.  Even if you don’t live in Charleston, you can make the trip and bring your kids gently used items to consign, or just come to go shopping!

So I don’t get two overwhelmed, I am planning on washing/ironing/tagging two to three sizes of clothes a week for the next 3 weeks.  That should make me about set for my drop off date on September 10th.  Here is a sneak peak of my disaster zone/yard sale zone/consignment sale zone.

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