Teach Your Kids a Lesson

I don’t know about you, but when I start going through one of my toy decluttering rampages my kids freak out!  They hate to get rid of their toys…even ones they never use.  Try reading one of these picture books to your kids  and maybe it will help make the process a little easier!

This post is from the children’s librarian side of me  🙂   Happy organizing!

This picture book teaches kids valuable life lessons like how living with less can benefit an individual and a community.  It also teaches them to appreciate what they have and that more is not always better.  Such an awesome book!

This classic was always my favorite Berenstain Bears book!  I got so excited when they organized all of those toys into bins with labels..I am truly a nerd!

In this fresh take on a classic tale, a magic meat grinder helps a poor Jewish couple learn a little gratitude after the three wishes it grants them go awry. A cautionary story that questions today’s consumerism and excessiveness, Kishka for Koppel, like the best folktales, can help children and adults alike to look both beyond and within.


One thought on “Teach Your Kids a Lesson

  1. wise idea to link the painful process of weeding out old toys with the books you mention I loved that Berenstain bears book too.

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