What Can A Professional Organizer Do For You?

Some of you may wonder what kind of services a professional organizer can offer.  Well, some organizers may offer specific services such as only organizing in the business setting, or only organizing kitchens.  I just wanted to let you know that I can do anything from helping you out with your move to hosting a yard sale for you!  I have been super busy this past month working with a client on helping her pack up her house for a move, then unpack after the move, as well as organize her entire brand new house!  Now we are back to working at the old house and helping pack up and donate items they no longer want so they can stage the house and put it on the market.    Some things that you may not realize an organizer can help with is stocking/restocking your new home, current home, or even vacation home.  Before these clients moved into their new home, I worked with the designer and client to pick out towels, trash cans and soap holders for all of the restrooms, and almost anything you can think of to start a new home.  I even stocked all 8 bathrooms with soap, shampoo, t.p, deodorant, Advil, toothpaste, and everything you can think of that you may need in a new home.  I even had a list of items that you may need in a new home and purchased all of the items for her….from pots and pans, to bottled water, and of course some good old Tide detergent!  We went through a master list of items that you may need to stock a new home, and we decided what she had and what needed to be purchased.  I purchased everything for them, and organized it all in the house.  Oh, did I mention that this former librarian also got to unpack and organize all of the bookshelves for the LIBRARY!  Unfortunately, no pictures were allowed to be posted, but just imagine some photos similar to these…and I am not kidding!  It has been and still is such a fun job and great clients!!!

Minus the upstairs 🙂

So, if you have a vacation home or know of anyone who needs help stocking and organizing their current home or vacation home, a professional organizer could be the person to call.  🙂

Don’t forget, most professional organizers (including myself), love to work with this kind of stuff too!!!! 🙂

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