Yard Sales: Tips to a Great Sale

I doubt anyone has noticed that I haven’t written in two weeks.  It has been a busy few weeks…working almost every day of the week, scheduling babysitters, driving kids to different activities, and several soccer games…oh, and we had a yard sale last weekend and I also turned the dreaded 3-5!  Right now I finally have time to write because I told my parents all I wanted for my birthday was two days to myself alone in my house.  Is that terrible?  Man, it is amazing how much you can get done without two little kids running around your house!  Of course, all I do is call my mom every few hours and ask what they have been doing.  So, today I am enjoying some peace and quiet at home getting all of the things done that I said I would do in past posts once the kids started school.  I have been working for about 6 hours today and got all of my cards and letters semi-organized (cards and letters post).  I also scanned in all of our family vital records to my computer and put them on Evernote (see vital records post).  I feel very good about my computer organization right now…I am such a nerd.

So, since we had a yard sale last weekend, I thought I would share a few yard sale organizational tips.

1. ADVERTISE: Luckily I don’t really have to do that since I live in a community where they hold island-wide yard sales twice a year.  I always participate because I am constantly trying to get rid of things that cause clutter in our house.

2.  Start at least a week in advance (I recommend at least 3 weeks preparation).  Go through all of your closets, kid toys, whatever, and start tagging.  If you are like me, I find things throughout the year and put them in a tub in my attic and keep them there until the yard sale rolls around again.  When it is yard sale time, I am usually ready to go with a lot of items.

3.  This is something I just figured out.  I had 3 larger items to sell at this past yard sale…a chest/changing table, a rocker/glider, and our kitchen table and chairs.  About 10:00 a.m. the morning of the yard sale, these items had not sold, and I was dying to get rid of them (plus that was how I was going to make some big money at the yard sale).  So, I quickly ran inside and posted the items to Craig’s List and said to come by TODAY the items were in the front of the house at my yard sale.  People started calling, and I had everything sold by noon.  Grand total for the yard sale…$800….so between my Charleston Repeats sale profits and yard sale profits, friends should see a new look at the Davis household soon 🙂  Redecorating money!

4.  Ask a few friends to sell their stuff at your yard sale as well.  The more “stuff” that is out there, the more that people will stop by.

One other thing….I actually cooked last week and made the best soup ever!  I shredded 2 rotisserie chickens instead of using turkey.  Even my 2 year old was slurping this soup down!

Creamy Turkey and Wild Rice Soup

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