First Year Under My Belt

I am proud to say that I have my first year under my belt with my little organizing business.  It has been a year of learning!  I joined NAPO (National Association of Professional Organizers)…who ever knew there was such a thing?!!!  I also joined the Charleston chapter of NAPO and am now the treasurer!  I’ve taken classes online, read tons of books, and went to the NAPO Annual Conference in Baltimore last year.  I am looking forward to attending the conference again this April in New Orleans…no Hurricanes for me…I already learned my lesson once before on those.  I can honestly say that the best part of my little job is the clients.  I feel like every one of them has turned into a friend (unless they were already my friend).  🙂

So, on a more exciting note, I have been doing some redecorating at my house.  We have lived there almost 9 years and I was ready for a “pick me up.”  So, I feel like I am starting the New Year with a new house…it is amazing what a coat of fresh paint can do to your house.  It feels so clean and new!  I couldn’t have done this without the help of my friend Jeffery Judy at Dwell Interiors and Justin Ray at Sunray Flooring.  It is still a work in progress and we are missing a few things (like a kitchen table), but it will be done soon!

Here are some before and afters:


Kitchen Before


Kitchen After


Den Before….now has been transported to the “man room” above the garage


Den after…still missing a console behind the couch


Deer head in honor of the husband…still working on those bookshelves



Dining room before…those green “duck” curtains served me well…had those suckers over 11 years.


Dining room after…sideboard still needs work


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