Favorites for Toy “Organization”

It is a small miracle that I got this written this week, but I am really trying with my New Years Resolutions!

I am sure that many other parents with little kids have the same problem that I do in regards to keeping kids toys organized.  I have tried and tried to keep my daughter’s toys organized, but  after a few months, different toys often end up in the wrong bins.  It drives me crazy!  I have come up with a semi-organized solution which is just all little dolls, fairies, mini princess, etc. in one basket, picnic and tea set stuff in one basket, jewelry things in one basket, and all just random little “stuff” in another basket.  Honestly, I could probably just toss that basket, but I may keep it another year or so and then dump it.  🙂 American Girl stuff of course has its own labeled 3 drawer plastic bin 🙂 In a sense, all of that is sort of organized, but what do I do with the rest of her “stuff” that she likes to play with?  I have decided the easiest thing for my sanity is to just use big baskets or bins and keep the extra toys in there.  It makes clean up soooo much easier and the mess is out of the way.  I think (and hope) that when you have little kids, it is one of the most difficult and hardest times in your life, so it really is a challenge to get organized and stay that way.  So, just do what is easy and what works!  Oh, for my little boy who turned 3 this week, I haven’t gotten to the point of organizing his toys.  We just throw everything in a big basket from Target that is in his room.  It works, and I am going to keep it that way for my sanity; although, about once every 6 months I will do a purge of the bin and give away things they no longer play with and make room for new toys.

Here are some options that I love for toy organization:


I love the Expedit bookcase from Ikea. You can make it tall and skinny if you want or stack individual cubes on top of each other. There are so many options! I love how this girl labeled the baskets with pictures inside a photo frame. That makes putting up toys so much easier for the little guys!


Restoration Hardware has a ton of beautiful canvas baskets and they are all on sale right now!


Serena and Lily has a ton of cute baskets in different colors and styles.


These canvas bins are great for toys from See Jane Work!

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