Spring has Sprung: Part 2

Yep, I said it, spring would be here before we knew it.  This weekend it is going to be in the 70’s in Charleston and people will probably be in bikinis on the beach!  So yes, spring has sprung, and there are some very exciting things happening at Ducks in a Row!  I will tell you all about them very soon! Last time I wrote about spring organizing, so here is part 2.

Here are 5 more tips to help you get organized this spring:

1) Purge your file cabinets to ensure that out of date or unnecessary papers aren’t taking up valuable space and making it difficult for you to put away and retrieve the current ones.

2) Go through your email inbox.  Delete what you can and create folders to keep what you need to reference at a later date. Try not to let inbox emails total more than 50 at any given time.  I have written about Evernote before, but if you haven’t tried this app, you must!

3) Keep bathroom cabinets and drawers well maintained. Purge any old make-up, toiletries or hair products. Aim to have the product you are currently using plus one replacement for when it runs out.

4) Clear off the surfaces in your home.  Keep the kitchen countertops, dining table, tops of chests of drawers, floors and any other surfaces clear of stuff that belongs elsewhere.  Remember that everything should have a “place”.

5) Clean out your junk drawer(s). Empty out items and separate into categories – like items together.  Toss anything that can be thrown away.  Put away any items that don’t belong there.  Use drawer dividers to create sections within the drawer to house the items that remain.

Don’t forget about our spring organizing special….3 hours of help for $100….this is a great discount!!!!

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