Confessions of a Binder Hoarder

The other day I started thinking about all of the binders I am hoarding!!!!  I decided that I am a binder hoarder/organizer!  Let me just show you a few pictures from around the house…….

As a Professional Organizer, I can tell you that it doesn’t matter how you organize your files….just do it in a way and system that actually WORKS for you!  By the way, don’t judge me by my mismatched binders…one day they will all be the same color and have spines that look similar.  Some people want to go completely paperless, some people like to stack, some people like to file, and some like binders A LOT (like me)!  Of course, in each binder, I have nice tabs and folders where I put different categories of information.  These pictures include my music, movies, recipes, and finances (the tub with all of the binders in it is just one of two boxes in the attic where I put our financials at the end of each year…always remember to keep your financials for 7 years).

Seriously, I used to be a “filer,” and had 2 filing cabinets!!!!  Over the past several years, I have reduced it to a tiny little desk file.  Yes, I know, it should be much prettier, labeled, and typed (or labels made with my trusty label maker), but we all can’t be perfect!  If I were filing for a client, I would make it pretty though 🙂


filebxoYes, this is what my file box is going to look like soon!  This particular one is at The Container Store.

Here are a few photos from a DVD, Music, and recipe project from a while back.  Love these organized binders!  Of course, most of my recipes are now on Pinterest and music is on iTunes, but I  need at least one binder for all those recipes you rip from magazines.

Speaking of ripping documents from magazines and much more, if you really want to get all paperless on me, here are some great scanners I recommend.

The Neat Company has great scanners for all of your needs and there is even a mobile app in which you can scan all of your documents using your smart phone.  They are offering a free 30 day trial right now on their new mobile app that comes out next week.   Fujitsu also has a lot of great scan snap scanners, so check them out as well.  I personally just use my printer/scanner when I scan documents, but if you scan a lot, a scansnap is what you need!

So, take it from me, work on those piles of papers and get them organized in whatever way works best for you!  Check out our previous post on home office organization and organizing your vital records for more inspiration to an organized home and office!

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