“Poppin’ Tags” Part 1

The first time I heard the song “Thrift Shop” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Thought it was the funniest and greatest song ever…don’t listen to it if explicit lyrics offend you 🙂  I guess they have overplayed that song on the radio, so I am a bit over it now.  But it is so true….everyone is looking for a good deal or looking for a way to make some money these days.  One awesome way to declutter your home and make some extra money….sell your stuff at the thrift shop!  Of course there are many ways to sell your stuff….eBay, yard sale, Craig’s List, or consignment.  From personal experience, Craig’s List has been where I make the most money selling items, but a far SAFER and EASIER way is to just drop your stuff of at one of the many wonderful consignment shops here in the Lowcountry.   There are so many consignment shops in Charleston I decided to divide this content into two different posts.  This post will be about places to consign home furnishings and the next one will be about another animal….clothes!

Before you consign your items, be sure to call the consignment shop to make sure they are accepting new items (most usually do accept decent items).  If you have a lot of items or larger items to bring in, they may have you email them pictures before you drop off.  Every consignment shop I have visited has been extremely nice and will help you set a price for sale of the items.  If you want to sell it for a certain price, they will usually  work with you on what price to list the item.  I would listen to the owners though because they know at what price particular items will sell.  For example, don’t think you are going to get $1000 for that rug that may have cost you $2000.  Most places that I have found in Charleston do a 50/50 split….meaning the seller gets 50% of what it is sold for and the consignment shop gets 50% as well.  I hate to burst your bubble, but you will probably end up making $200 or $300 for that rug that cost you $2000.  It’s just how it is.  Each consignment shop has different terms of agreement that you have to sign when consigning.  For example, most shops drop the price after 30 days and some donate the items (if you don’t come pick them up) after 60 or 90 days.  All of the shops are different, but the most common factor across the board is that the shop takes 50% profit.  They should though, they are the ones selling it for you and paying all the rent!  On another note, a new spot just opened in Mt. Pleasant called SC Resale: Mt. Pleasant Mall.  It is in the old Sofa Super Store location sort of close to CVS and the lumber place (708 Johnnie Dodds Blvd).  Anyway, there are a ton of cute booths in the mall where people sell their stuff.  If you go, be sure to check out our friend Chrissie Batten’s booth.  She has a company called Spruce and sells awesome home furnishings!  If you go the Mount Pleasant Mall or SC Thrift, you can still consign your stuff there for a 50/50 split even though most of the spots are booths.  The SC Resale Mall is my new favorite spot and they just had their grand opening last week.

Here are some of my favorite consignment shops for home furnishings in Charleston.  I tried to include a spot in most areas of Charleston.  Please let me know if I left out a favorite spot near you!

The Coleman Collection (near Southern Belles & Copper Penny) 976 Houston Northcutt Mount Pleasant, SC 29464  843-654-9046  (We did find they give the highest percentage to the seller….55% profit if it is sold in the first 30 days)
Next to New 2700 Brickyard Parkway Suite #200 Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466  843-606-2715
Charleston Consignment Co. & Lowcountry Consignments (Both of these stores are owned by the same people)
Charleston Consignment Co. 464 N. Nassau St. Charleston, SC 29403
Lowcountry Consignments  1170 Gregorie Ferry Rd.  Mt. Pleasant, SC 29466 (right by 41 and 17 intersection)
 Consign Charleston  1119 Wappoo Rd.  Charleston (W. Ashley)  843-225-9055
My House to Yours  763 Travelers Blvd.   Summerville   (843) 851-3777
Nearly New Furniture  3714 Betsy Kerrison Pkwy  Johns Island   (843) 768-1224


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