Handbag Heaven

As you know, we barely experience the change of seasons in Charleston. Starting in January, it goes from brisk to pleasant to warm to hot to hotter to insanely hot back to pleasant and then brisk. But some how we follow along with the seasonal fashion trends and yet you always hear people in Charleston say how we don’t even have seasons.  Even still, when the people in New York start wearing coats, well by God, I get online and buy myself one. And then it sits in my closet for 2 months before I can wear it. And that is because we get those random hot days in November.  Not to mention shoes this time of year. We all go out and buy our Frye boots in fear that they will sell out by the time it is actually cold enough to wear them. But there they sit in all their glory in my closet next to my sandals that I am actually wearing. Don’t even get me started on the white jeans debate.  Labor Day Schmabor Day.  People, if Tom Crawford says it’s going to be 72, then I can wear my white jeans. Once he says it’s going below 70, I put them away. And so should you. Debate is officially over.

But the one item that we can all agree on purchasing to start the Fall season regardless of temperature is a new handbag.  There is no excuse not to purchase a new, fresh, on trend handbag.  And so I did just that about a month ago and couldn’t be happier with my selection.

If you are like me, then you begin your search in the magazines and dog ear 50 bags or so. Then you begin your online research. You save favorites on Pinterest and zoom in on photographs to see if there is a pocket or zipper in all the right places.  Then you put about 10 in your cyber shopping bag.  Yet you are afraid to click “buy” because of the price or because you can’t really pull off that look or because you are waiting for the sale. And then you realize by the time you commit to the purchase they are out of black or brown and all that is left is some random jewel tone. And at that price point you cannot have purple as your mainstay bag color.

Well, as luck would have it I found my perfect bag this year without experiencing any of those hiccups.

Before I show you the bag, let me just say that as a professional organizer it wouldn’t be prudent to walk around with a disheveled handbag.  A girl has to represent.  And one question we get all the time from our clients is if our homes are organized or are we much like the cobbler’s children without any shoes. And the best way to answer this without bragging and making the person feel really bad about their hording tendencies is that in our homes EVERYTHING HAS ITS PLACE. And, well, this montra transcends itself to our handbags as well.
Now for the big reveal…I bought and highly recommend the Brompton Mini-Hobo Bag by J. Crew in Henna. I first saw this bag in the store on King Street (shortly after the premature boot purchase) and there she was- a beautiful caramel brown color with leather as soft as the inside of an Ugg. then I peeked inside to find all the right pockets and compartments- the one for my cell phone, and pens, and lipgloss, and tiny notebook, and wallet, and the list goes one.  And it has an easy-to-grab-stuff opening.  Then the icing on the cake was that it came with both the cross body strap (great for the girl that needs two hands) and the shorter handles that, yes, fit over your shoulder. Bam. Done deal. But being the dealer searcher that I am I found a coupon on Retail Me Not for 25% off so the bag was ultimately purchased online.  By the way, always search for promo codes before purchasing items online.  They really do work.
JCrew Brompton Mini Hobo
JCrew Brompton Mini Hobo Inside
JCrew Brompton Mini Hobo Shoulder
I am obsessed….I mean, obviously, or why would I have written 670 words about this bag? Did you hear that J. Crew?
We want to know which bags keep your handbag goodies organized?
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