Jewelry Organization: How to Get it Done Fast

One organizing dilemma that a lot of people seem to ask me about is what to do with their jewelry.  Well, you could have California Closets come in and build fabulous jewelry drawers like this into your closet, but that will cost an arm and a leg.  Read on for some easy and budget friendly jewelry organizing options that will help you get your jewelry organized in no time.


First of all, before you start organizing or buying products, think about how you like to keep your jewelry.  Do you want to see it all right there in front of you each day, or do you want it on top of a dresser hidden away in a pretty box.  I’ll give you ideas for both options, but don’t forget about the most important part…. DECLUTTER your jewelry before you start the organizing  process.  If you haven’t worn it in a year (or possibly two), DONATE.  If it is a higher quality and in great shape, you can CONSIGN it.  You can also give your old costume jewelry to a little girl who loves to place dress up!

If you are the type that likes your jewelry neatly put away in a drawer or hidden away somewhere, there are great inserts that you can purchase and make your own jewelry drawer.  Check out liners like this at


If you have the room and the money, you could even purchase your own jewelry cabinet like this awesome one from Pottery Barn or a less expensive but equally cool piece like the Hayworth Jewelry Armoire from Pier One.  Also  has over 100 pretty jewelry boxes to choose from and is a great site for any organizing products in general.


Pottery Barn Jewelry Armoire


Hayworth Jewelry Armoire from Pier One

If you are like me and like to have your jewelry out in the open where you can see it, this is my new organizing obsession that a friend told me about.  You mount it on the wall and It comes in three different colors.  I am definitely going to purchase one of these for my own use, and it will only cost you about $160!  By the way, if you have more jewelry than what will fit on this sucker, you have too much!!! PURGE, PURGE, PURGE!!!!!


Angelynn’s Jewelry Organizers at Amazon

You can also purchase over the door jewelry organizers like this which a great use of closet space!


Over the door jewelry organizer from BrylaneHome

Of course there are also crafty ways to organize your jewelry such as a do-it-yourself cute wall box or using cute vintage trays or dishes to store your jewelry.  We have been over this before, I am not crafty, so you will definitely not see this in my home….it sure is cute though!!!!


iHeart Organizing

Happy organizing!!!

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Organizing Your Jewelry: 4 Ways To Get It Done

One organizing dilemma that a lot of people seem to ask me about is what to do with their jewelry.  So, here are four different ways to get your jewelry organized.  Don’t forget to declutter your jewelry before you start the organizing  process.  Donate all of your old costume jewelry that you never wear or just give it to a little girl who loves to place dress up!

1.  Always keep your jewelry out in the open where you can see it, and hanging your necklaces is a great way to keep them safe from getting tangled.  One way to accomplish this is to purchase these cute acrylic jewelry storage options from the Container Store.  Another option is to install a paper towel holder(s) on your wall and keep necklaces and/or bracelets on that.  If you purchase a vertical paper towel holder, you can also use that to stack bangles.

2.  This “little black dress” hangs in your closet and neatly displays your jewelry.  Not quite sure if this is my favorite way to organize or not, but it is a cute concept.  I do like all of the compartments that are available to hold different pairs of earrings.

3.  If you are a DIY gal, you may want to try this!  I LOVE the way that Jen organizes her jewelry, and she also has the best organizing blog called IHeart Organizing.  I wish I was crafty like the other females in my family and would take the time to organize my jewelry like this!  Click on the picture and she gives you the steps to create your own “jewelry station.”

4.  Last but not least, just slap a few cork tiles onto the wall in your closet (or the inside panel of a cabinet under your sink).  Get some cute push pins, and hang your necklaces that way…it takes 5 minutes!  You can buy the cork tiles in a 4-pack for a couple bucks in the home office section at Target.